And the heat continues! With rising temperatures and heavy humidity, summer is hitting Southern California hard. Unlike some people who relish the heat and bask in the sun, I hate it, nay, despise it. With an expected temperature of 104 this weekend and the knowledge that this is just the first of many heat waves that will plague us this summer, finding activities that one can do whilst sitting in front of the fan and/or air conditioner is a necessity. With baking and painting out of the question (paint dries way too quickly while sitting in front a fan – imagine that!) I decided to try making some simple pieces of jewelry, read - nothing that requires numerous different specialty tools. After an overwhelming trip to a local art and crafts store I decided to whip up a few pairs of earrings. 

Note that I am in no way a master in terms of making jewelry, but as long as it holds and looks presentable, it is good enough for me. So here is a step-by-step process for making your very own earrings. 

What you will need

1. Two 2-inch Headpins

2. Two earwires (I used satin-gold-plated with soldered ball ends)

3. Whatever beads you so desire – I used:
  •  2 10mm flat glossy black
  •  2 4mm round beads
  •  2 vintage hollow beads

4. A pair of round nosed pliers

5. A pair of wire cutters

First arrange your beads into whichever order you so desire on your headpins, leaving some space for bending and wrapping.

Next, take your round nosed pliers and make a bend. Now, using your wire cutters, cut to allow approximately 1 centimeter past the bend. 

Using your pliers bend the wire to create a loop with the remaining wire sticking out 90 degrees.

Twist the wire around the straight of the headpin using the pliers, trying to get it as tight and secure as possible. While maybe not as perfect and straight as some earrings, to me, as long as they hold, they are golden. 

Slip the loop through your earwires and you are ready to go!


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